vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Halloween vampire make up ......my boyfriend became a vampire .....

Oh my god my boyfriend became a vampire ..........Happy Halloween !
Hope you like the make up i did !

The pumpkin he made for me today thank you so much dear love ya so much !

maandag 24 oktober 2011

Welcome to our home new friend ....

We have a new friend in our home he's name is Judas Escargot  ........the new ferret .Welcome dear friend !

Love this time of the year Halloween ....

I really love this time of the year ,decorating the house and wear costume's !!!This is how me and my boyfriend went last year .....

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Halloween costume's inspiration .....

and for my ferrets ......

This products saved my hair !

This products really saved my hair , my hair was so dry and broken it felt like straw!
I bought these products and i can absolutly say its a wonder product !
My hair never felt so alive like now in ages !
I payed 30 euro's for the two products but in a drugstore it's already 8 euro for one bad product and you need more of it .This one not i can wash my hair for a whole month for 30 euro's if you think about it its not that much if you have healty hair it's soft , repairs and shiny !

donderdag 13 oktober 2011

I'ts almost halloween .....our house

I'ts October , i really love this month because of all the pumpkins ,decorated houses and scary things .
I want to show you our house with the decoration !

maandag 10 oktober 2011

New items ....

Scarf H&M 14,95 Euro
I really needed a scarf ,i always wear black scarves but if i keep buying black clothing i will look like i'm going to a funaral all the time .So i'm really in love with this one it looks so cute and stylish !